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Menjangan Island (the name means "deer"), lies in a protected position just offshore in far north western Bali. Because of this currents, wind and waves are rarely a bother, and the reefs and wall here have great diving. There are also great views of some of Java's volcanoes.

Famed for it's crystal clear waters, the visibility here rarely drops below 25 meters. The island forms part of Bali Barat National Park, a protected nature reserve that encompasses much of Bali's forested and hilly western end.

Craggy Wall


The coral walls around Menjangan drop vertically to between 30-60 meters, before gradually sloping outwards. The reef surface is very rugged with caves, grottoes and crevasses breaking up the coral walls, textured with little nooks and crannies. Gorgonians of many kinds reach large sizes here, and huge barrel sponges are abundant. Soft corals blanket the colorful walls all the way down.

Menjangan's western tip holds a deeper, but equally interesting dive on an old shipwreck. Called the "Anker" it is just off the island shore, close to a small Park Service dock and guard post.



Menjangan - Facts & Figures


Reeftype: Walls, particularly rugged
Access: 30 minutes by boat from mainland Bali
Visibility: Excellent to superb, 25-50 meters
Current: Mostly very slight - can be strong at tide change on western tip
Coral: Very good numbers and variety; abundant soft corals
Fish: Good number - the usual suspects
Highlights: Walls and the shipwreck