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Our Dive Center is located on Semawang Beach, Sanur. Sanur was one of the first resort areas in Bali and has thankfully kept it's quiet character. The beach here has very shallow water for a couple of hundred meters before it reaches the reef break. There is also a man made channel connecting the beach to the open water beyond the reef at the southern end of the bay.

The Channel, while containing a wide diversity of marine life serves as our training area. The depth and bottom characteristics here make it tailor made for scuba instruction. There are mooring buoys roped to blocks set in the sand in shallow water giving us endless options for our courses.

Traveling seaward the water gradually gets deeper with a coral bank rising to the left. The trip out to the mouth of the channel is interesting in that there is a lot going on in the sand and coral heads. There are many lionfish patrolling around as well as more sea snakes than you will find at any other Bali site.


When this sea lane ends the water depth is around 18 meters and white tip sharks are often spotted here. At this depth the reef starts to get quite rocky with many interesting creatures scurrying around the boulders along the seaward side of the reef.


Sanur - Facts & Figures


Reef type: Rocky and sandy
Generally good. Can be a little murky with heavy tides
Tidal, check tables
Good growths on reef break
Lots of Lionfish and other strange critters in the sand
Good opportunities to observe many different sea snakes




Nusa Dua


Nusa Dua is located in the very south of the island, known locally as "The Bukit". This is where the bulk of Bali's 5 Star hotels and some of the nicest sandy beaches hide another of Bali's dive sites. Nusa Dua is not unlike Sanur in many aspects although it does offer also some interesting rocky swim-throughs.

There are quite a few Green Turtles and Blue Spotted Stingrays here. The turtles favor the shelter of the rocky crevice hideaways while the rays prefer rummaging around in the sand for their food. There is also a large abundance of soft corals here indicating clear unpolluted waters.

Some of the best diving is in around 12 to 16 meters making it ideal for newly certified or introductory divers. Access is from Sanur beach by local boat taking our guests on a short ride around the wonderful scenery of the peninsular and Benoa Harbor.


Nusa Dua - Facts & Figures


Reef type: Rocky and sandy
Visibility: Generally good, 10 to 15 meters
Current: At tide changes
Coral: Good varieties of both soft and hard
Fish: Similar to Sanur, usual reef fish
Highlights: Turtles and Rays





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